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At Solar Lights we focus on Ecological and Social fairness. That is why we put all our energy into the development and distribution of resource-efficient products. Moreover, we aim to empower the society of Lesotho and implement a sustainable lifestyle. To achieve our goals, not only do we cooperate with the local population, but we enter into international partnerships. In addition, we set positive examples as all our offices adapt to climate change and reduce CO2 using innovative tools.

In everything we do we support the implementation of the UN SDG No. 7. This is why we sell products and support projects that reduce CO2 emissions. We also strive towards developing a working place that uses renewable energy only.

All the products we supply encourage a comfortable, cost-effective and clean lifestyle.

Do you wish to spend less time cooking and save wood? With our Save80 stove cooking set you save wood and time – and it is affordable! Enjoy lights in your home and charge your cellphone, no matter the time, day or night. Last but not least, our water filters help you enjoy clean water wherever you are.

At Solar Lights, we believe in sustaining our fragile environment, climate and Basotho cultural values. At the same time, we strive towards a respectful and dignified standard of living in Lesotho.

Hundreds of villages all over Lesotho are already part of our project initiative.

This project is co-financed by the European Union