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About Us


Who we are

Solar Lights (Pty) Ltd – referred as (SL) is a reusable energy production company that focus prior on delivery of Renewable Energy (RE) and climate friendly products and services to people in the rural areas of Lesotho.

What We Do

We tackle climate change


Climate change is the main challenge of our generation and of future generations to come. Voices all over the world call for solutions to stop climate change – to protect peace, save the lives and homes of millions and preserve uncountable animal species. At Solar Lights we feel as part of that movement.

All our products help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Our stoves save wood and CO2 and our Solar Lamps help to leave coal in the ground. With this approach our work is recognized as an official CO2 offsetting initiative. Amongst others, we cooperate with atmosfair to help people offset their flight CO2 emissions. With this, our work and our products are CDM Gold Standard certified – the strongest standard for climate protection projects.



We offer sustainable and affordable energy

Our name is our mission: We believe that everyone has a right to having clean and sustainable energy. About 840 million people worldwide are still without electricity. We want to change that!

In Lesotho the sun shines all year round. Where better so promote solar energy? That is why we distribute solar lights at an affordable price for the people of Lesotho. Depending on the individual needs of each and every one of our customers, there is a variety of products you can choose from. Our solar lights are made for day to day purposes. Because everyone deserves to have a light shining, even in the dead of night.






We promote social fairness

Within Lesotho there exists a wide wealth gap between the people living in the cities and those living in the rural areas. The rural areas are very much excluded from economic growth and social development. Access to clean water is rare, electricity is not stable and because of lack of infrastructure, rural communities are precluded from the rest of society.

Our Mission 

At Solar Lights (Pty) Ltd., we put all our effort and work into building a sustainable and livable Lesotho for everyone. We strive to empower Lesotho’s society and protect our climate and our environment.

We protect the environment

It is one of our major concerns to protect our environment and all its natural richness and resources. That is why

  • we reduce the use of fossil fuels at our offices as we only work on solar energy. Also, in promoting our Save80 Stoves we help reduce CO2 emissions.
  • we reuse. Our office buildings are built from used cans and during the evening, our offices can be used as community centers. Within our project initiative we rebuild existing structures to support social independence.
  • we recycle. As part of our day to day work, we help the city of Maseru to recycle paper and plastic waste.


We empower local society

  • In promoting our products, we empower women as they can drastically reduce the time, they spend collecting wood and cooking.
  • We offer opportunities for young professionals to upskill and start their career in a high-profile company. For us, it is a heartfelt wish to encourage and empower Lesotho’s youth!

We work towards poverty alleviation.

Our products are affordable for local citizens and we offer individual payment plans. In the long term, our customers can save money on wood, electricity and water.

We strive towards 100% customer satisfaction.

Our products are customer oriented and designed to fulfil the wishes of the people of Lesotho. Our products mirror our ambition to let sustainability and comfort go hand in hand.






Our Partners & Sponsors

This project is co-financed by the European Union

To buy your Solar Lights, Save80 Stove Cooking Sets, Water Filters, Water Treatment, etc.