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About Us

At Solar Lights (Pty) Ltd., we put all our effort and work into building a sustainable and livable Lesotho for everyone. We strive to empower Lesotho’s society and protect our climate and our environment.

Our history

Solar home systems installations started as a private initiative in 1996 and lead to the start of SL company in 2007. As a result of the experience, SL’s offices and workplaces have always been powered solely by solar systems with generator back up for welding etc…

SL has installed SHS systems to schools and households, drilled a borehole and installed solar powered water pumping systems, manufactured LED solar lanterns in Lesotho and developed several biomass cooking stoves with different fuel burning concepts (such as rocket design, gasifier and induced air).


SL selected the most suitable products available on the world market to be introduced in Lesotho and became the sole supplier and manufacturer of the Save80 Stove cooking sets and is now the wholesale agent for ‘Green-light-planet’ products.

The successful project design of the CDM GS carbon credit project is based on the experience of SL, working with rural people for many years and knowing their needs and wants. The incorporation of the needs and wants resulted in close cooperation of project management with the end consumers (final beneficiaries) and this has led to the funding of the project. The CDM GS entails the manufacturing of the products in Lesotho, delivery, sales and training of the SAVE80 Stove Cooking Sets in the rural areas of Lesotho’s foothills.

In these areas, which are far away from the electricity grid, people use mainly wood and shrubs as fuel for cooking and water heating. The achievement of selling 10,000 sets in the remotest areas of Lesotho, in close cooperation with local authorities and village groups, has led to the establishment of 160 Stove User Groups (SUG). The SUGs are key to gain feedback and information so that SL is able to provide after-sales services as requested by the Gold Standard, to identify the location of each stove for monitoring purposes, empower the people by informing them on climate change adaptation. The SUGs are now organised in a NGO, which is now even certified by Fairtrade International for Carbon Credits Trade.


This is the first project ever to qualify under the Fairtrade Carbon Standard. Enabling ordinary rural households to have access to high quality RE products at affordable payment conditions empowers the rural population sustainably while improving their life at the same time. SL has gained extensive unique experience in RE delivery in Lesotho and was also a technical stakeholder in developing the Fairtrade Carbon Standard.


    The person behind the project, Mr. Dipl.-Ing Michael Hönes has been active in the reusable energy sector in Lesotho since 1992 with the focus on fuel wood saving stoves and solar systems. He started studying architecture but then changed to engineering. He now has a masters degree of the University of Stuttgart in engineering whereby the master work was based on developing a fuel-efficient stove in Lesotho. The latest post-degree certificate (among many others) is a full certificate from the National University of Lesotho (NUL) in ‘Solar PV Design and Installation’ issued in August 2012.


    Michael Hoenes

    Chief Executive Officer

    Bubu Ndziba

    Chief Operations Officer

    Khotso Gonzy

    Operations Officer

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