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Our products

All the products we distribute mirror our ambition to mitigate climate change.

Not just that, with the development of our Save80 Stove Cooking Set as well as in distributing our Sun King Solar Lights we empower local communities in Lesotho.

Our Save 80 Stove Cooking Set

As one of our main products, the Save80 Stove Cooking Set, positively affects the lives of many Basotho families. Made out of stainless steel and with a lifespan of more than 20 years, the outdoor cooking stove set can improve the living conditions for our local community.

 Solar Lights

With promoting our Sun King Solar Lights, we offer high-quality Renewable Energy products. Solely running on solar power, our lights can brighten up your home even at dead of night. In addition, our solar panels collect enough power to charge your mobile phone.

Water filters


The filters work worldwide and will take any tap water, water from stand pipes, dubious bottled water and render it safe to drink eliminating viruses, bacteria, chemicals, pesticides and anything harmful. They are so good they can even work on rain water, streams and river water.

All items of our Save80 Stove Cooking Set come with a warranty of two years, although the expected durability of our products is more than ten years.

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