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Save80 Stove Cooking Set


The Save80 set is an outdoor cooking device which uses wood and biomass as fuel. Each set consists of five components: 1 x Save80 stove, 1 x wonder-box, 1 x 8 liter cast-iron pot, 1 x 8 liter stainless steel pot, 1 x 5 liter stainless steel pan. All pots come with strong glass or stainless steel lids. 



Woman and children: The benefits are targeted for mainly women and children in households which use biomass (wood, crop residuals, dung, shrubs etc) as source of fuel in their households.

Climate: The Save80 set saves 80% of wood compared with open fire and therefore reduces COemissions to the climateby 80%. The average COsaving per household (on daily use) for cooking and water boiling is about 2.8 tons of  COannually. Over the lifespan of 20 years, a Save 80 Stove Cooking Set saves over 50t CO2

Features and components: Its innovative design is the main reason to reduce 80% of fuel.

Sunk-in pots  – the pots are hanging over the fire inside the stove, therefore minimising convection heat loss to the surroundings.

Self fanning  – the air-inlet opening increases the speed of the air towards the combustion chamber, when a fire is lit.
This allows clean, efficient combustion with very little, even no smoke.

Custom designed skirt  – the skirt guides the heat around the entire pot, allowing the food to cook up to the top of the pot.

Ergonomic, strong design  – the tall, hexagonally shape allows to cook while sitting and standing and being strong and stable too. 

Wonderbox  – a strong slow cooker which uses retaining heat in the boiling water/food to cook for hours on its own, without fuel.
The  thick material is a good insulator which keeps heat or cold insulated inside the Wonderbox.
When added ice inside the Wonderbox, drinks and food stays cool.


Stainless Steel Save80 stove (Cooking Only)

Hexagon shaped and made of stainless steel, our stove works outdoors, boils water very fast (5 liter in less than 30 minutes with just a few twiggs). Due to its design it is resistant to harsh weather conditions and protects you and your family from unhealthy air pollution. The stove fits on both sizes of pots.

Save80 5 liter pan for stir and fry

With a volume of five liters, the pan is the smallest item of our cooking gear. It is made of stainless steel. They come with a tempered glass or metal lid.

Save80 8 liter Pot

The eight-liter pot comes with a metal or a tempered glass lid. The pot is made of stainless steel.

Save80 Cast-Iron Pot



Our only cast-iron pot can be bought with either a tempered glass or metal lid. It has a capacity of eight liters.

Wonder box

Our container is made of black polypropylene and fits all pots that come with the Save80 Stove Cooking Set. With our Wonderbox, you can keep your food hot for hours (even over night!), and do slow cooking. It is easy to clean.

All items of our Save80 Stove Cooking Set come with a warranty of two years, although the expected durability of our products is more than twenty (20) years.

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