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Any village or organized group can become a renew­able energy user group (REUG) under SCPG, if they purchase Solar Lights company renewable energy products. If you and your community are interested in joining SCPG and carrying out your own climate change adaption project, this is how you can get SCPG support


The Save80 Climate Protection Group (SCPG) is a Le­sotho-based, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) and the national umbrella of Save80 user groups which purchased and use the Save80 stove cooking set of­fered by Solar Lights company.

SCPG is expanding throughout Lesotho through new­ly-formed renewable energy user groups (REUGs), such as solar home system groups, which are also working together with Solar Lights company.

Through the use of the Save80 stove cooking set, households use 80% less wood compared to an open fire place and significantly reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2.5 tons per household per year. Through the use of solar home systems, people have up to 30x brighter and safer light compared to kerosene lamps, saving about 100g CO2 per light per year. These products actively reduce climate change.

SCPG enables communities to start own climate change adaption projects in cooperation with project partners, such as Solar Lights (Pty) Ltd, atmosfair gGmbH, the European Union, Deutsche Post DHL, Fairtrade Inter­national, etc. Based on our international partnerships, we try to become a strong NGO with many members in order to jointly tackle climate change in all districts of our Kingdom of Lesotho.

How to join
  1. Contact our office for details on project qualifi­cation criteria and available options
  2. Organize a pitso with more than 20 committed people
  3. Purchase renewable energy products from Solar Lights company as a group
  4. Receive a sales commission as a group from 50 sales onwards 1
  5. Use democratic vote to decide on the type of your own climate change mitigation or adaption project
  6. Discuss project details in your REUG
  7. Fill the SCPG forms and get approval from SCPG and Solar Lights company
  8. Plan detailed activities and budget
  9. Implement your project
  10. Gain the benefits and become more resilient against climate change

Note: Failure of your REUG to comply with the project qualification criteria will result in your sales commission being used for other REUG projects which comply with the criteria.

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