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our mission

At Solar Lights (Pty) Ltd., we put all our effort and work into building a sustainable and livable Lesotho for everyone. We strive to empower Lesotho’s society and protect our climate and our environment.

We protect the environment

It is one of our major concerns to protect our environment and all its natural richness and resources. That is why

  • we reduce the use of fossil fuels at our offices as we only work on solar energy. Also, in promoting our Save80 Stoves we help reduce CO2 emissions.
  • we reuse. Our office buildings are built from locally available stones, bricks and blocks and tincans, which are reusfed or insulation purposes (wall and floor). We build village energy offices which serve as offices during day and are available during evenings for community activities.
  • we recycle. As part of our day to day work, we help the city of Maseru to recycle paper and plastic waste.

We protect our climate

It is our main objective to fight climate change and build a sustainable future for generations to come.

We believe that only as a community can we fight the climate crisis (external: https://www.ipcc.ch/sr15/ or https://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/ ?)

We cooperate with local society and politics to find solutions for a climate friendly future and improve the livelyhood of households and communities.

In Lesotho, deforestation is a daily problem. Wood is needed for cooking and heating. As a result, trees are cut down every day and we lose one of our most powerful CO2 storage. We want to change that! By promoting products that save wood, we take an important step towards climate protection.

We strive towards working on fully renewable energy only and reduce our customers’ dependence on fossil fuels. Additionally, we set up a network of offices all around the country to decrease traffic CO2 emissions.

We empower local society

  • In promoting our products, we empower women as they can drastically reduce the time, they spend collecting wood and cooking.
  • We offer opportunities for young professionals to  start their career in a high-profile company. For us, it is a heartfelt  wish to encourage and empower Lesotho’s youth!


We work towards poverty alleviation.

Our products are affordable for local citizens and we offer individual payment plans. In the long term, our customers can save money on wood, electricity and water.

We strive towards 100% customer satisfaction.

Our products are customer oriented and designed to fulfil the wishes of the people of Lesotho. Our products mirror our ambition to let sustainability and comfort go hand in hand.


our vision

At Solar Lights (Pty) Ltd, with all our work we pursue a bright vision: We want to build a sustainable future for every living being on earth.

For us, sustainability means

  • Living in balance with nature and making use of renewable energy.
  • Stopping exploitation of our livelihood.
  • Creating environmental fairness and global social equality.
  • Maintaining social traditions.


With our approach to sustainability, we want to develop a practical blueprint for other countries worldwide. We believe that climate and environmental protection, social fairness, comfort and  happiness are entwined. With a focus on self-fulfillment, comfort, independence and sustainability, we actually can build a bright future for generations to come.


our values

The following values guide us in our mission and daily duties:

  • We support the ideals of Sustainable Development as promoted by the Agenda 2030 (external: SDGs).
  • We believe in social equality and unconfined respect, no matter your gender, race, religion, sex, ethnicity, age, health or any other trait.
  • Every individual has the possibility to thrive and become a critical part in building a sustainable and comfortable future for humankind. Empowerment of youth is of upmost importance in this regard.