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Climate Protection. Social Fairness. Empowerment. Comfort.

Goals we continuously strive to achieve towards a sustainable Lesotho.

We tackle climate change

Climate change is the main challenge of our generation and of future generations to come. Voices all over the world call for solutions to stop climate change – to protect peace, save the lives and homes of millions and preserve uncountable animal species. At Solar Lights we feel as part of that movement.

All our products help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Our stoves save wood and CO2 and our Solar Lamps help to leave coal in the ground. With this approach our work is recognized as an official CO2 offsetting initiative. Amongst others, we cooperate with atmosfair to help people offset their flight CO2 emissions. With this, our work and our products are CDM Gold Standard certified – the strongest standard for climate protection projects.

We also cooperate with local communities and politics to find solutions to adapt to climate change. This is especially important for the rural areas of Lesotho. Here, climate change has a high effect on the livelihood of people. Within our project initiative, local villages put their ideas of climate adaption and social fairness into practice.


CDM Gold Standard

Our work is CDM Gold Standard certified. Every year, external auditors make sure our products fulfill their promise in saving CO2 emissions. This way we can guarantee annual CO2 savings of XX tons.

You can find the official UNFCCC reports on our products here.

Find out about climate change in Lesotho

Lesotho’s climate has already been affected by climate change. Temperatures are increasing, cold days and nights get fewer every year. This brings along many problems: Water supplies are shortening, forests are dying, there is less energy available for cooking and heating. Find out more about climate change in Lesotho at the Lesotho Meteorological Services.

Let us find solutions to save our climate. Join Us!

We offer sustainable and affordable energy.

Our name is our mission: We believe that everyone has a right to having clean and sustainable energy. About 840 million people worldwide are still without electricity. We want to change that!

In Lesotho the sun shines all year round. Where better so promote solar energy? That is why we distribute solar lights at an affordable price for the people of Lesotho. Depending on the individual needs of each and every one of our customers, there is a variety of products you can choose from. Our solar lights are made for day to day purposes. Because everyone deserves to have a light shining, even in the dead of night.


In 2015 the United Nations Member States adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 17 goals to build a better future for humankind. We have until 2030 to achieve these goals. In promoting solar energy, we support SDG 7: “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”.

Find out more about the Sustainable Development Goals.

We promote social fairness.

Within Lesotho there exists a wide wealth gap between the people living in the cities and those living in the rural areas. The rural areas are very much excluded from economic growth and social development. Access to clean water is rare, electricity is not stable and because of lack of infrastructure, rural communities are precluded from the rest of society.

For us it is important to support social fairness within Lesotho’s society. With our idea of social fairness goes

  • independence from destabilizing energy companies
  • access to communication for everyone
  • and the possibility to self-sustain for the rural communities in Lesotho.

That is why it is of high importance for us to support Lesotho’s rural communities. There is no distance to long and no road to difficult – we make our way to support every citizen in Lesotho in living a respectful and comfortable lifestyle. Our water filters make access to clean water easy. Our stoves save wood and time that our costumers can spend on their family, work or a hobby. And by using our solar lights, the people of Lesotho gain independence from energy companies. Let’s shine a light for everyone, everywhere.

We set examples

We believe that only as a team can we succeed in our mission to build a sustainable Lesotho and empower local communities. That is why at Solar Lights (Pty) Ltd we only employ citizens of Lesotho. With local knowledge and cultural creativity, not only do we find sustainable solutions for the concerns of our customers. Also, we built fully renewable office places for our company. All our offices run on solar energy, and we use our own stoves to cook lunch for our team members. Our main office buildings are very well insulated and save energy as we do not need heating or air conditioning.

For us it is important to set a good example for a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle! Find your solution for a comfortable and sustainable home today.

We empower

With everything we do, with all the products we distribute, we empower Lesotho’s society.

  • In using our stove women need to spend less time cooking and collecting wood. They now have more free time to use as they wish.
  • We only offer jobs for locals.
  • Our projects are designed to empower local village communities. By creating a self-sustaining environment, we encourage an independent lifestyle.
  • We are constantly on the lookout for ways to help in local education: We offer internships for students and jobs for young professionals who just got their degree.
  • We take part in the international global learning ASA-program. For the third time, German exchange students have worked at our office to learn about Lesotho’s culture and society.