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A small mountainious country with big potential.


With a population of roughly 2 million, the Kingdom of Lesotho is just over 30.000 km2 in size. It surrounded by the Republic of South Africa, in many regards Lesotho strives towards independence from external structures. We support that idea in encouraging self-sustaining access to energy as well as social equality and dignity for every individual.

Lesotho is often referred to as The Kingdom in the Sky because of its high altitude, thus creating unique alpine climate conditions. Under these conditions, there exist uncountable natural resources worth protecting: Lesotho is full of natural, clean sources of water in the mountainous areas. Woodlands help protecting our climate and decrease air pollution. Wide areas of land are still untouched by humankind.

In times of progressing climate crisis it is of the essence to protect these resources. We aim at setting up a platform for a grassroots movement to do exactly that: motivate and empower the society of Lesotho to stand up for the richness and resourcefulness of their country.

The Kingdom in the Sky – a country, where it is still possible for each and every one of us to make a change.